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Mix equial parts of the chebe powder and the oil blend mixture to a soup like consistency. Section the hair in 4-6 equal parts and apply the chebe mix 1 inch from root to tip, ensure all the hair is coated and braid or twist. Allow the mix to set in for 2hrs up to 5days before shampooing out.


This produt has not been test by the FDA and is not intended for external use only.

Chebe Protein Treatment

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  • Mix equal parts oil blend and chebe powder to desired consistency(I like mine to look like runny oatmeal)

    Wash the hair using the Black Soap Shampoo.

    Dry hair

     Part hair into sections, moisturize the scalp with Chebe Butter.

    Apply desired amount of the Chebe mixture, starting 1in from the root down the length of the hair shaft.

    Braid the hair tightly or wrap in wool yard.

    You can allow the mix to stay in the hair for minimum 2 hours under a shower cap and shampoo.


     Allow the mixture to saturate the hair for up to 4 weeks. Ensure to coast the braids frequently with Chebe Butter.

    ***If you are looking for growth the longer you allow the mixture to stay in the hair the more you will see the growing effects!***

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