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6LS was created as a way to help make everyday hair styling not seem like a chore. Being a mother of 2 girls, and having to deal with my own hair was seeming to become a weekly task that never going to end! My oldest Bre'Nae who has naturally thick long hair, seemed to be facing the most struggles. From stunted growth and excessive dandruff to breakage, I just knew I had to figure something out! So, I started researching and discovered Chebe Power and BOOM 6LS was born and the rest is HER-STORY.

​6LS is a line of all natural handcrafted hair products created with your hair in mind! Each product is individually crafted with hand picked ingredients to promote a more natural healthy flow of hair growth! 

Our products are created to help:
Minimize shedding
Hair thinning/loss
Stimulate hair follicles
Excessive dandruff caused by dry scalp
Length retention

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